Are you a detective ?


Are you a good detective? Find out
Mr. Jon was murdered one Sunday. His wife called a detective to investigate.
The Investigator-Detective, Mr. Jam questioned Mrs. Jon and their household helpers.
The wife said she had gone to buy provisions and vegetables
* The Gardener said he had been watering the plants
* The driver said he had been washing the car
* The cleaner boy said he was washing the toilet
* The Cook said he had been toasting bread with jam.
So Mr. Jam,
1 Examined the garden and the soil
2 Examined the Car
3 Examined the toilets
4 Examined the Toaster and the Jam Knife
Mr. Jam called the police and later the murderer was charged with death sentence.How did Mr. Jam find out the murderer?

Ans: The murderer was the Cook. Mr. Jam examined the toaster, there was foul odour as if something had been burning for too long. When he examined the knife there was no jam but blood. Soon he guessed that when Mrs. Jon left the house the cook had left the bread in the toaster and in the mean time murdered Mr. Jon.

Mangalore Trip for vacation- Year 2014


Mangalore Trip for vacation- Year 2014

Family Photography @ Shree Kateel Kshetram
Outside the Garbhagriha , the main sanctum. Background, outside the sannidhi.
People in the photo, Myself the girl with red colored dress. Near me, the woman in sari is my Grandmother, then the one in violet color dress is my Mother,on her lap is my brother. Near them is my Grand father. My father took the photgraph. We all had a good time.